Australian Troye Sivan has delivered yet another promising EP and this time it’s WILD.

Sivan has released the eagerly anticipated WILD, a follow up from his 2014 EP TRXYE.

The music artist grew up in Australia but hails from South Africa and is best known for his eponymous YouTube channel. Armed with WILD, the 20 year old singer has gone viral and earned a spot on the front page on iTunes.

The lead single, also called WILD, is a blissful pop song that will easily get stuck in your head. The album begins with this and sets the tone for the rest of the EP: a dreamy pop soundscape. The song nods its head to Sivan’s favourite bands, Broods and Years & Years, the melodies are soft but the lyrics grab you.

BITE is the song that follows and has darker undertones but still remains delicate and dreamy. Next up is FOOLS which highlights the depth of his song writing abilities. Even though Sivan could not be more different from me: an Australian openly gay male, it is so easy connect with. The lyrics are beautifully wrapped around a deliciously dark and moody melody. With lyrics like “I see quiet nights poured over ice and Tanqueray, But everything is shattering and it’s my mistake“, the carefully crafted song details an unrequited love.

His first EP, TRXYE, was his first experimental dip into the world of pop music. Even though Happy Little Pill, the EP’s lead single, carried a heavy message, it was essentially a cheery pop song. He played his card as YouTube’s poster boy and came out with a nice song that was played on every fangirl’s tumblr blog. Troye used to play it safe but WILD is a mature and refined reflection of his musical abilities. More chances have been taken and it’s worked out well.

In fact, it’s blowing up and has even caught the attention of Taylor Swift.

Troye is best known for creating content on his YouTube channel but his first taste of stardom was actually as a child actor, starring as young Wolverine in X Men: Origins. His acting career has led onto a starring role in the South African trilogy film series, Spud.

But it’s his passion for singing has taken the throne, one of the first videos he uploaded to his wildly popular YouTube page was of himself singing in his bedroom. Troye has since accumulated over 3.5 Million subscribers as a YouTube personality. His channel is well worth a watch too. 

The record for YouTubers trying to make their mark in music has not been all that successful. Shane Dawson crashed and burned when he uploaded his single SUPERLUV to his YouTube channel in 2012. Then earlier this year, Joey Graceffa garnered some attention with his less impressionable single Don’t Wait, in which he also confirmed his sexuality.

However, Troye has truly transcended his YouTube persona and placed himself amongst the music giants in today’s current music scene. Hopefully one day when he releases a full album it’ll blow up even bigger and explode onto everyone’s iPods. Girls and boys, just remember the name Troye Sivan.


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