Not a Normal Day At the Office

Edinburgh Fringe Festival has once again taken over Scotland’s capital

People from all over the world flock to Scotland once a year to watch and star in live performances in the world’s largest arts festival. Edinburgh plays an excellent host and comes alive during Fringe time. It truly is an exciting time to explore the city’s nooks and crannies to discover venues, world class restaurants and bars as well as other quirky pop ups.

The population more than doubles and soars to over a million people, which is particularly evident on Edinburgh’s busiest street during the Fringe, the Royal Mile. Visitors swarm to buy tickets and line up outside venues while street performers entertain the masses and flyers are handed out like sweets on hall-o-ween.

The Fringe could possibly be my favourite time of year in Scotland’s calendar, and this is coming from someone who is Team Glasgow… So which show has been my favourite? Well I HAVE to tell you about a little, but not so little, show called Blam!

This show is a treat for those with big imaginations who are childish at heart because Blam!, in it’s purest form, is about men acting like boys in the workplace.

What starts as an ordinary office turns into an exciting war zone of madness and creativity. The four men of Blam!, Eos Karlsson, Joen Højerslev, Janus Elsig and Anders Skat, escape the mundane nine to five by using office props as weapons and body armour. But then the story also invites you to wonder, is it actually the office, with its supernatural components, that magically comes to life?

The story centres around three office workers who are a bit fed up of that boring grind so start to battle with whatever they can find. Things quickly get out of hand when their imagination runs away from them. The uptight boss in the office initially doesn’t believe what crazy things are happening but soon gets wrapped up in the madness, eventually becoming the evil villain. The office is transformed into a place of war, camaraderie, loss and love; heroes are born and enemies are made. Take that for office politics.

An impressive point to note is that the plot, the character’s motives and feelings are not conveyed through dialogue, but rather through body language and the most extreme form of body language at that: BADASS STUNTS.

The cast’s only tools to take you into this explosive universe are minimal office props, smoke machines, lighting, moving sets and above all, skilled stuntman-ship. Walls are literally broken, office type objects take on their own identity and overhead lighting is now meant to be swung from.

After the show, I met up with the cast of Blam! who were already busy discussing how they wanted to make sure every single movement is executed perfectly. They were keen to watch recorded footage of the show to catch even the tiniest mistake which could have an impact on how the audience reads each character’s emotions and reasons behind their motives. Their talent as stuntmen is what makes this high energy performance a delight for Fringe goers.

Before the show I presumed it would concentrate on setting the scene of an everyday office and then a few punches would be thrown and someone would get stabbed in the eye with a pencil. But no, whilst watching Blam! you witness moving sets, action heroes, epic fight scenes and dramatic wardrobe changes, to name a few.

The cast could of put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into the performance but actually it’s just sweat, sweat and more sweat. The result is an in-your-face piece of physical theatre which transcends its presence at the Pleasance Grand Theatre – totally worth a watch.

Time is running out to catch Blam! at the Fringe, get your tickets here.

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