What’s your dream holiday destination?

The Australian travel website Webjet have asked their favourite travel bloggers what their dream holiday destination is. Read my answer below:

If I had the power to magically transport myself anywhere in the world right now I would definitely be in Tokyo, Japan.

Japan claims the top spot on my travel wishlist because their culture is a world away from the European influences which I am used to. Under the buzzing bright lights of Tokyo I would love to explore the city and immerse myself in the unfamiliar culture.

I love dining in foreign cafes and restaurants because you can get a strong impression from any country by eating their food. Japan boasts square watermelons and proper bubble tea. I expect dining out in Japan to serve the weird and wonderful!

Tokyo fashion is also a wonder; I love how art and fashion intertwines in everyday life. Every girl’s wardrobe should have a splash of something creative which the ‘Tokyoites’ have locked down.

Another dream for a girl is to visit a cuddly café. I bet half of my time in Japan would be spent at a cat café where you can just sip tea and pet kittens. Bliss!

Comic book and gaming fans can also get their fix. Their eccentric stores will be like stepping into the game or book universes. ‘Subtle’ is never a suitable definition when it comes to Japan and I cannot wait to see for myself one day.”

Also read what all the bloggers had to say here.

Webjet.com.au is the leading Australian travel website and one of my favourite tools for comparing flights and hotels. The site also offers car hire to help you get around as well as fantastic packages and offers!


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