An Australian’s getaway town

So recently there’s been an issue with backpackers in the coastal town Port Macquarie. The issue being no one likes them.

Camping overnight in dirty cars next to beautiful beaches for free, leaving rubbish, using water taps to clean dishes.. it’s not a nice sight.

Locals are not happy that travellers are spoiling their picture perfect Port Macquarie which lies north of Sydney on the way towards Byron Bay.

So I have cleverally disguised myself by staying with relatives.

My hosts are a fun loving family with an idyllic house in the countryside. They have been helping me explore the sub tropical rainforests and cosy beaches. Something which party backpackers sometimes forget is there.

That means you miss out on views like these..

In the old days Port Macquarie was a timber town with the wood being exported to Sydney. But soon enough it was remarked as the perfect holiday destination. To escape the hustle and bustle of city life people would retreat to their holiday homes in Port Macquarie.

In the last 15 years or so the town has expanded and developed a large community, locals and backpackers alike.

So what did I get up to?

With the advantage of staying with someone who owns a car, we escaped the main town and climbed the hills in order to get the best lookout. The “three brothers”, (“North Brother”, “Middle Brother” and “South Brother”) are a trio of hills which each make an excellent walk. The suburbs which lie in the valley below the hills offer a number of quint little eateries for you to enjoy a relaxing post-walk treat.

As for nightlife, Port Macquarie is not as eccentric as the likes of Sydney or Melbourne, I would know. On a Friday night I was taken to Maccas, the Wetherspoons of Australia. After that we went to ‘Altitude’. Free entry before 10PM and cheaper drinks before midnight are the highlights of this club. Other than that…

The highlight of my Port Macquarie trip was Ricardoes Tomatoes. Armed with a bucket and a pair of scissors I picked my own strawberries. As the name suggests, tomatoes are also on offer. I am a huge fan of fresh produce and the cafe and shop inside offered organic honey and vegetable produce. Try the tomato soup from the cafe for the best showcase of their efforts. Mmmm!


Another tasty idea is fish and chips by the seaside. Australia is well known for its trendy cafes and restaurants and you won’t get a better fish supper than on the coast.

You¬†also won’t get a better chance to see koalas as they love munching on the eucalyptus trees around the Port Macquarie area. The koala hospital rescues injured koalas, supports them and releases them back into the wild. The free tour at 3pm opens your eyes into how¬†vulnerable these cute creatures are. Also spot the koala statuettes outside which are part of the koala trail.

So that’s Port Macquarie! Obviously there’s a lot more to see and do so I recommend checking it out!


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