When in London

Two stops are on my trail from frozen Scotland to meltingly hot Australia..

First up is London town and with more people than the whole of Scotland, I would definitely feel out of my depth if it wasn’t for my sister, Lucy. She lives just an underground ride away from Central London and is my saviour providing great hospitality including the best smoothies and vegetarian dishes..

Blended green apple, lime, spinach, ginger, avocado, cucumber, kale and celery anyone?
Blended green apple, lime, spinach, ginger, avocado, cucumber, kale and celery anyone?

The trip got off to a very exciting start when I spotted three out of four members of English boy band Blue in the Inverness departure lounge, out of all places. I plucked the courage to have a conversation and found they are really lovely guys.

Unfortunately they got on a plane to Amsterdam instead so I was Blueless all the way to the other end of the country.

When I arrived, the first night was spent pretending you can get jet lag from a two hour plane journey and remedied by watching copious episodes of Arrested Development – time well spent.

On the following day my sister and I visited the Festival Hall in the Southbank Centre which had a photojournalism exhibition highlighting conflicts and struggles of various countries and its people. More information can be found here, I found it profoundly interesting.

On a less profound note, we found the coffee shop Attendant, a hipstery haven which has been renovated from a Victorian loo..

Ironically we didn’t see a bathroom. However, our drinks were superb and the food on offer looked fantastic as well. Overall the price wasn’t astronomically high as London typically is and the staff were very friendly too so I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars (Not 5 because where was the bathroom??)


On my final day in London we had the compulsory British curry before I was dropped off at the airport for my next stop: Hong Kong..


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