Bands you need to see live: The 1975

“This is the best fucking city on earth, innit?” The 1975, born from the posh English town of Wilmslow, are a smooth indie band with a clean cut sense of that 21st Century hipster-y style. However, in Glasgow things get a bit messy. The band played two nights at the sweetly-decadent Barrowland Ballrooms for an audience who knew their true colours. Everyone crowded in anticipation around the stage before their performance and screamed every time a bloody smoke machine went off. When it was time everyone put their Glasgow-sized energy into every beat and even customised the usual chant, “Here We Fucking Go”, to “Matty, Matty, Matty Fucking Healy!” He responded, “Glasgow, you are my kind of people.” The 1975 have been welcomed countless times before playing at venues such as King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, the Oran Moor and the Arches. With only a handful of EPs and an album to their name, touring seems to be their potion for success. They were reviewed in 2012 as a band “thrown in at the deep end of the music industry, sans paddle” but lead vocalist Matt Healy was described as the “pied piper of pop” during their set in Manchester some days ago. He carefully considered the aesthetic of each song, during the insightful track ‘Me’ he sat on the stage in sombre reflection with a bottle of wine and a cigarette. However, during pop hit ‘Girls’ he radiated flamboyancy with flicks of his hair and hands. The band have been playing music since 2004 but have recently rocketed in popularity, proven by supporting big names such as The Rolling Stones and of course the waves of adoring teenage girls. There is only one direction they can keep going in though, and that is up.


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