Bands you need to see live: Lower Than Atlantis

Glasgow’s infamous underground rock scene got a royal visit from English punk rockers Lower Than Atlantis Monday night.

The concert was held at the iconic King Tuts Wah Wah Hut which has showcased acts from the Arctic Monkeys to Oasis.

It’s been a while since Lower Than Atlantis have been on the road and now they are currently on a nationwide tour to promote their eponymous album coming out this September.


The lads seemed to enjoy Glasgow’s enthusiasm for their return and probably would have joined their own audience if they could.

Vocalist Mark Duce winked and waved at every crowd surfer who was pulled out and declared “It’s only the second day of the tour and it’s my favourite day!” – Aw, Mark.

The band, notorious for doing things their own way, also got into the Glaswegian spirit and asked to trade their complimentary beers for “a stiff drink [like whisky]?”

Since their first EP ‘Bretton’ in 2008 LTA have become pillars of the pop-punk scene.

The 2008 record which can only be described as a jungle of hardcore screams and guitar riffs is a far cry from their modern clean cut punk vibe which falls in line with the likes of Fall Out Boy and Green Day.

Listen to the single ‘Here We Go’ from the upcoming album:

Mark recently said in an interview that the new album has an electronic element which is a first for the band.

Change is definitely something the band is used to. As well as their evolution from hardcore rock to electronic vibes, they probably hold a record for their history with music labels since each album is released to a different one. Good luck to their partnership with Sony Music Entertainment!

The new album can be pre-ordered now and click here to check out the rest of their tour dates!


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