The 5 top moments of Big Weekend 2014

So Glasgow’s Big Weekend was one week ago today and I can tell you first hand the whole weekend was off the hook. So here are my top 5 favourite moments.

5. Coldplay and Bombay Bicycle Club dedicating songs to the Glasgow School of Art


The Glasgow School of Art suffered a great tragedy when it was set alight. Some pupils lost their art and Glasgow lost part of a historic and well loved building. That’s why it was so heartwarming when Bombay and Coldplay dedicated a song each to the school.

4. Just all of Bombay Bicycle Club’s set


The four piece indie rock band are still riding the wave of their latest album ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’ with great success. The album’s Indian rhythm ignited the tent and sent everybody dancing and singing along.

3. Twin Atlantic performing their new single ‘Heart and Soul’


The boys from home were met with great enthusiasm especially when they played their intense new single. It’s a kind of stomping along and clapping song which is perfectly capable of becoming a Scottish anthem.

2. Katy Perry’s many costume changes


You must have heard about Katy’s set, right? The American pop Queen had so many exciting costume changes and just a fantastic set overall. Total eye candy.

1. Chris Martin from Coldplay joins Kings of Leon


Just when you thought Coldplay was over and done with on Saturday, Chris surprised Sunday festival goers by joining Kings of Leon for a song during their set. It was magic.

All photo credits to the BBC


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