Bands you need to see live: McBusted

This is also an account of one of the craziest days I have had in a while thanks to this crazy six piece.

So everyone has heard of McBusted, right? If not, get out from under that rock and listen up.

Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter, Danny Jones and Harry Judd from McFly merged with longtime Busted friends Matt Willis and James Bourne to form the supergroup McBusted for a massive, and I mean 36 dates massive, tour.

Last Friday night they played their last date at the SSE Hydro Arena in Glasgow and the boys did not take the word mediocre into consideration.

To kick the night off a film clip showed a flashback of Matt and James at a press conference announcing the end of Busted, 2005 emo side fringes and all. Matt starts walking away but 2014 James surprises him from out of nowhere and exclaims: “We must travel back to the future!” See where this is going?

Things are getting weird: James and Matt film a clip for the McBusted tour.
Things are getting weird: James and Matt film a clip for the McBusted tour.

They climb into the famous DeLorean but uh oh, the thing doesn’t work. Cut to McBusted’s dressing room on the night of the ill-fated 2014 show in Glasgow and the tour programmes are changing from McBusted to just McFly. The members of McFly don’t know what is going on – cue Dougie’s screams: “WHAT IS HAPPENING?!”

But hey presto the car lights up and takes them to 2014. In real time it crashes and hovers onto the stage, (a technical issue meant that the pair were trapped in the car for twenty minutes before the show started, oops!) The arena heated up because of the flames and sparks then McFly jumped up from below onto the stage and it got hotter again… for other reasons.

They played a mixture of Busted and McFly songs including 5 Colours in Her Hair and Air Hostess.  Of course the inevitable sexual innuendoes, high jinks and dick jokes made it obvious the best mates enjoyed playing together and the onstage brotherly banter just did not stop.

Double trouble: Matt and Dougie are a bass playing match in heaven.
Double trouble: Matt and Dougie are a bass playing match in heaven.

One of the definite highlights include a clip of McBusted themselves clothed as crazy American hicks reporting  strange sights of musical aliens. Whilst the fans watched the video the boys entered a UFO which was hidden up above. They descended for a few songs before they returned to the main stage but not before cracking some jokes, one of them at the expense of former Busted member Charlie Simpson, who decided not to join the supergroup.

“I like you a lot better than my former bandmate, Dougie.”  – Matt

“I like you better than my current bandmates.” – Dougie

To quote McBusted again, “bitchyyyy”

Every second of the show was entertaining and some more memorable moments include: embarrassingly good synchronised dancing to I Want You Back by the Jackson 5, James breaking his t-shirt gun used to shoot goodies into the crowd and Matt and James invading Tom’s wedding speech video as an introduction for Busted’s Crashed the Wedding.

The Scottish crowd gave their approval by chanting “HERE WE, HERE WE FUCKING GO” which is heard at any worthwhile Scottish concert. The English lads were a bit baffled to say the least, Dougie didn’t even know what or why we were chanting.

From left to right: Matt, Dougie, Harry, Danny, James and Tom.
From left to right: Matt, Dougie, Harry, Danny, James and Tom.

I thought it was a testament to how much they are loved by their loyal fans. McFly have been going for over ten years and Busted are technically broken up but music lovers are coming out in droves to their sold out shows. Sure, the crowd mainly comprised of teenage girls and tired looking boyfriends but they’re dedicated fans nonetheless and the band would be nothing without them. The reason Charlie left Busted in the first place was because he wanted to play for a wider demographic, aka not just “OMG I love Busted, they’re soooo cute!”

That being said, I don’t care that I’m classed as one of the crazy teenage fangirls. I remember watching McFly and Busted on Saturday morning television and all their music videos back in 2005 when I was 9 years old so the concert was a major tick off the bucket list for me and a dream come true. I got so close to the stage, Dougie and Matt actually paid attention to me and I’ll be bragging about that to my grandchildren – that’s if I don’t die alone with 9574205 cats which I think this article might indicate…

Sidenote: I was there for their first ever night in Glasgow as well and it was equally as epic. I almost didn’t get to see them for the second time because my sister lost the tickets as were on the train literally on the way to the show. Our original seats were up on the higher level and we had no clue where our new seats were as we bought them in a panic. We expected crappy seats at the very edge of the arena where you couldn’t see the stage but we were led a couple rows from centre front. We thought “the usher must be taking a break from walking… wait these are our seats?! WOW OKAY.” So lucky.

So now we wait for the McBusted record, (WHICH IS GOING TO HAPPEN) but here is one of McFly’s classics for the road:

Have you seen McBusted live and are you major fan like me? Let me know below!


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