Fatherson releases debut album

Four piece Kilmarnock band Fatherson have released their debut album, I am an Island!

fatherson album

The single I Like Not Knowing is also out with a fancy new music video.

Fatherson have been kicking about since 2010 and have released singles such as First Born and Hometown whilst also hard at work performing at concerts and festivals alike.

Fatherson is lead singer Ross, guitarist Chris, bassist Marc and drummer Greg.

Their fantastic debut captures how passionate, soulful and honest the Scottish music scene is. The album is packed with their trademark catchy indie tracks but there’s also something moving about Ross’ vocals which infuses a captivating melancholy. Couple this with brash guitar work and you’ve got Fatherson.

It also proves their power as a band and how they have grown so much over the years from up and coming indie musicians. With I am an Island they are touching the iTunes music charts and have caught the attention of Rocksound and Kerrang! magazine.

I have talked the guys before and I couldn’t have asked for a more delightful band to interview. They were so kind and very excited to release this album, (it was even referred to as their “baby”) It feels really good to see them achieve such wonderful success over something they told me they had worked really hard for.

I also know from experience that they perform live really well, I have seen them at Rockness, Belladrum, when they supported Panic! at the Disco and at Glasgow University Union (on a tour where they sold out their own shows).

Speaking of tours, Fatherson are going to embark on another UK headlining tour and will be in Glasgow on the 26th of April at The Arches.  Check out the rest of the dates here.

Check out their new album I am an Island on iTunes too!

Also a fan of Fatherson? Let me know below!


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