Kurt Cobain tribute night at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut

So last weekend marked the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death. Musicians from Muse to Foo Fighters paid tributes to Cobain through performances and social network sites.

On the 5th of April in 1994 the Nirvana frontman died in his Seattle home.  As sad as this anniversary is,  Glasweigan bar and music venue, King Tuts Wah Wah Hut decided to hold a tribute night in memory of Kurt Cobain and all things Nirvana.

The night was also in aid of a good cause; proceeds from the gig went to the Scottish Association for Mental Health since Kurt’s death was the result of a self-inflicted gun shot wound possibly linked to his depression.

King Tut’s is one of Glasgow’s treasures in terms of rock n’ roll venues. It’s small (fits around 300) and very, very loud. This grungy underground vibe was perfect for a Nirvana night.


On the bill were small and mostly local Glasweigan bands: Carnivores, Chris Devotion and the Expectations, United Fruit, Michael Cassidy, Tijuana Bibles, Poor Things, Felix Champion and Evil Edison.

None of the bands tried to polish off Nirvana’s songs, they did an excellent job of echoing that 90s grunge sound. Maybe that’s because there were quite a few dirty plaid shirts and skinny jeans outfits on stage to bring out the inner Kurt Cobain.

A look that has never gone out of style, apparently.
A look that has never gone out of style, apparently.

A special mention goes to the last act, Paisley based Carnivores, who tackled the big one – Smells Like Teen Spirit without rehearsal. Needless to say the singer asked for audience input but who are we kidding? This is the song to unite all Nirvana fans, of course we were going to blow the roof off anyway!

Cramped venue, sweaty fans and mosh pits all indicated to a very successful night honouring the late Kurt Cobain. The only way it should be done really.

What’s your favourite Nirvana song? Let me know below! Mine has got to be Heart Shaped Box:


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