Artist reviews: Twin Atlantic

There has been an exciting development on the Twin Atlantic front this week so let’s talk about these Glasgow boys.

I first saw Twin Atlantic when they supported Blink-182 in 2012 whilst they were still riding on the wave of their third album, Free. I most definitely want to thank Blink for introducing me to these guys and conveniently my sister was already a fan (something which she likes to boast quite often) so she already had a copy of the album. Obviously, I was hooked on every track and played each one to death.

The group culminated from other small local groups in Glasgow and became Twin Atlantic in 2007.

Their style runs alongside Blink’s with that pop punk goodness but with an added blend of Scottish brashness that draws in the fans from home so well.


They are just so good that huge American bands must have them on tour with them. Artists such as My Chemical Romance, Thirty Seconds to Mars and The Gaslight Anthem have seen them as tour essentials in the past.

They also have great success at festivals and I can report on my experiences from the very front row at the Belladrum Tartan Festival that their performance did not fail to amaze. I think I’ll let the picture do the talking here…


So what’s the good news? Twin Atlantic have recently teased fans with a first glimpse of their upcoming fourth album. You can expect the single to be officially released on the 25th of May this year but have a listen here right now:

The four-piece (Sam, Barry, Ross and Craig) reportedly agreed on taking time on the upcoming album which has been in the works since last year May. The reason for this is to figure out what kind of music they wanted to produce in order to connect best to the fans whilst doing some growing up themselves which I think is fair, don’t you?

Also a fan of Twin Atlantic? Let me know below!


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