Bands you need to see live: Fall Out Boy

Let’s just start this by stating that Fall Out Boy were amazing. Ah-ma-zing. Plus, if you are a major fangirl like me, the performance was extra sweet after years of no Fall Out Boy thanks to a grimy hiatus.

It did seem the band had finished for good and moved on with their lives: Andy and Joe formed a new band called The Damned Things*, Pete Wentz joined up with singer Bebe Rexha to form an experimental musical duo named The Black Cards and Patrick Stump released a stunning solo album, Soul Punk. 

The projects each had their moderate share of success but nothing like FOB so at the start of last year, armed with a brand spanking new album and tour, they uncovered themselves as reunited.

A day before the reunion announcement: Pete Wentz is a lil’ liar.

Fast forward to March 2014 and Fall Out Boy have taken over the world with the new album, conveniently titled, Save Rock and Roll. Unlike other bands who rejoined only to enjoy lukewarm comeback success (see: Blue or Blink 182) FOB proved that they are not washed up pop punks but saviours of rock and roll.

The four piece from Chicago, USA performed at Glasgow’s newest arena the SSE Hydro. They were certainly very welcomed and not just by 15-year-old girls who are still in that lovely scene phase, although there were many. No, everybody from tweenage girls to bulky 20-something year old lads turned up and went absolutely crazy.

Thank goodness they certainly catered for the die-hard fans who have been around for them since, say, 2007’s Infinity On High. Yes, I am talking about me folks. I happily sang along to the oldies like Grand Theft Autumn/Where is Your Boy and I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me. (That is the real title)

Credits go to my sister: impressive considering she was fifth row.
Credits go to my sister: impressive considering she was in the fifth row.

The boys definitely enjoyed being back on the stage and put on a show suited for the impressively massive SSE Hydro. When the curtain dropped for the first track from their new album The Phoenix they adorned balaclavas and jumped about the stage for the crowd who screamed back every lyric.

We did go a bit mental, a body count of 3 girls who fainted had to be pulled out of the crowd after the very first song. Even Pete Wentz himself had to step in and order us to take a step back. That’s Glasgow for you but it also tells that Fall Out Boy’s comeback has not come and go with a “They were better in the old days” I think FOB should be proud of themselves and hopefully stay together for good.

Happy that Fall Out Boy came back too? Let me know what you think below!

*Fun fact: the band was made from stray band members who quit their group and decided to form this ‘supergroup’. All the members have now returned to their original groups, probably with tails tucked between legs.


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